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Guys, we are the future

About young people today it would seem, at first sight, that contemporary society grants the new generation more opportunities than before enjoying more freedom, leading a busy life, being able to spend a lot of money having fun, travelling, playing a lot of sports, but this is a mistake because young people are often stopped in their desires by suspicion and mistrust by the adults and because of other problems.
One of these problems is unemployment: many youths today find it difficult to get a job. It is also clear that young people have certain needs and aspirations, consequently, unemployment for them means financial worries.
Many young people would desire to find the job that they like more, but it is almost impossible.
Today, although everything is improved, it is difficult to find the "job of the dreams." The teenager, therefore, have to study a lot, to undertake themselves, and have the correct quantity of fortune!! For this I am afraid. My contemporaries, until now cuddled and reimbursed by their parents, will have to face the world alone, without help of anybody.
I would like to find in my future joys, serenity and I would like to build a solid family. I would like therefore to find the right job to be able to guarantee, with the salary of my husband, a dignified future for my children from the economic point of view.
What would I change of my past?
I have always had a great dream: become a doctor. If you want to enter to the university of medicine you should overcome a test, and for me will be a lot of difficulty, considering that I don't have a lot of scientific competences.
For this I would return back and I would choose a scientific high school, even if I like the study of the languages and they open me vast choice for the future, considering that languages are the future.
Besides of my past I would change something of my character, to face with more serenities some difficulties that I have had.
Instead in my present I would not practically change anything: I have people that love me, a house where live and, in the limits, I have quite a lot of freedom.
I often see on the newspapers guys that waste their youths drinking and taking drugs, and I ask me which end they will do, because they won't have the bases to build nothing.
Future scare me but I will fight for conquer a role in the society, fighting with the fingernails and with the teeth, always!
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