Good food habits and table manners

Table manners are the rules of etiquette used during the process of eating, which might also include the appropriate use of utensils. Table manners rules are not complicated and they will help you make a great impression on a dinner out or on a date: for example you have to place your napkin on you laps after you've seated.
There specifics rules and regulation to follow and respect regarding good habits and table manners.
• always eat three balanced meals everyday.
• sit upright at the dinning table but do not allow your body to touch the table.
• always wash your hands before and after meals.
• do not hurry over your meal or eat too quickly, eat slowly. Chewing and sipping of water or beverages should be done gently.
• when eating take just enough food that can easily go into your mouth.
• chew your food properly.

• do not talk with food in your mouth.
• close the mouth when chewing the food.
• never use the knife to put food into your mouth.
• avoid picking your teeth with your finger. Use tooth pick decently.
• do not put too much food into the mouth at a time.
• do not stretch your hand over someone's food in order to reach for salt, oil, water, etc.
• do not fake food directly from the serving dish into your mouth, except with traditional service.
• do not be greedy. Consider others when helping yourself with the food.
• always be polite when eating or serving others.

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