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On the phone - Advice

Any Situation
- Hello, can I speak to…?
- Can I leave a message, please?
- No, it’s Ok. I’ll call back later. (to an invitation to leave a message)

- Could I speak to Mr Burton, please?
- Hello, I’m ringing to…
- Extension 327, please

Other Party
Any Situation
- Hello.
- Who’s calling?
- Can I take a message?
- I’m sorry, she’s not in at the moment.

- Trent Business Centre. Can I help you?
- I’m sorry he’s not here/in the office at the moment.
- Can I help?
- I’ll put you through.
- Could you call back in…?

Mobile phone etiquette
• Speak softly so you don’t disturb other people.
• Keep your business private. Are you sure you want other people to hear?

• Keep a civil and pleasant tone, it doesn’t look good to shuot and get angry in public
• Pick your spot. Make sure you have good reception and there isn’t background noise.
• Turn it off in cafés, cinemas, etc. so the ring tone doesn’t disturb people.
• Use a hands-free phone when you drive. It’s dangerous to drive and talk on a mobile.
• Avoid using the phone while you are playing someone in a shop, at a public counter, etc.

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