Meal planning

Meal planning is the process whereby people decide to prepare food for the family saving money but eating well and adequately. There's a lot to be gained by planning your meals; you eat better, healthier food and do more cooking your siblings. Cooking is easy but planning is hard. You may have recently found a recipe you love but the problem may be how to create a meal around it.
It is important to take in consideration some pints during your meal planning. Here are some guidelines for meal planning. The planner should:
1) consider the nutritional needs of family members. The needs are affected by age, health and occupation of the individual
For instance children, pregnant and nursing mothers need more protein than normal adults. Manual workers need more carbohydrates than the aged.

2) include all the food nutrients in each meal.

3) vary meals so that family members do not have to eat the same type of food everyday.

4) plan to make use of food in season
5) consider money available
6) buy good quality foods

7) plan meals several days ahead of time. This saves money and prevents problems.

8) plan to cook by the most suitable methods to prevent the loss is nutrients.

9) plan the cooking, so that meals can be served and eaten hot.

10) serve meals as attractively as possible and under hygienic conditions.

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