Itinerary Israel, 8 day –From on june 10 to 17
The beauty of the promised earth.

-complete pension.
-various moves (I air, bus..) -driven visits.

-all that that there is not written in the voice "the quota includes" - tips

€ 2000,00
€ 1700,00 for children with inferior age a 12 years.

1° day Italy/Tel Aviv
Departure with flights of line for Tel Aviv.
(Alghero 7:05-Roma 8:10-Tel Aviv 13:40.)
Upon arrival in Tel Aviv Ben Gurion Airport you will be met by our representative and transferred by pullman to your hotel in Haifa.
Setup in room and dinner at restaurant of hotel.

2° day Haifa/Cafarnao/Tagba/Tiberias
It wakes up at the 9 o'clock, and breakfast in the hotel.
To the 10 o'clock, departure in bus to visit some important religious shrines as the cavern of the prophet Elia and the buried one of the Carmelo mountain.

“The Carmelo mountain according to the Bible, has been the house of the prophet and after him a group of monks retired in the mountain and fund the order of the Carmelo.”
I have lunch to the sack and the 2 o'clock in the afternoon departure to for Cafarnao and visit of the synagogue where Jesus began his preaching; pursuance for Tabga, suggestive Christian site and visit of the Church where you was taken place the miracle of the multiplication of the breads and the fishes.
To the 18 o'clock, move in bus for the setup to Tiberias.
Dinner in the hotel.

3°day Tiberias/Nazaret.
It wakes up at the 9 o'clock and breakfast in the hotel.
At 10 o'clock, departure by foot to approach in the lake.
I embark on boat for the navigation on the basin of sweet water.
The whole lake and its shores are tied up to the life of Christ, to its preaching and the choice of the apostles.
Lunch near a restaurant in the zone.
At 4 o'clock in the afternoon, departure for Nazaret.
I reach Nazaret around the 4,30, visit of the Basilica of the Annunciation.
The basilica is where he/she is thought that the angel Gabriele has announced the news to Maria.
Visit of the city and setup in the hotel.
Dinner in the hotel.

4° day Nazaret/Jerusalem
It wakes up at 9 o'clock to depart toward the capital.
Breakfast in the hotel.
Move in bus and arrival in Jerusalem around the 1230.
Climbed to the Mountain of the Ulivis for a panoramic view of one of the most fascinating cities of the world.
Lunch near a typical restaurant.
Free evening for the shops of the city.
I return in the hotel around the 20 and supper.

5°day Jerusalem
It wakes up at the 10,00 and breakfast in the hotel.
Departure a foot for the 11 and visit of the old city.
You begins with the Islamic part, visit of the mosques, of the Rock and than To the Aqsa.
Lunch near Moslem restaurant.
Ended the lunch, visit to the Arabic suks of the city.
I return in the hotel for the 20 and supper.

6°day Jerusalem
It wakes up at the 10,00 and breakfast in the hotel.
Departure at 11 o'clock to visit the Jewish city beginning from the famous wall of the weeping.
“Here every day many Hebrews come for praying and to ask forgiveness, inserting in the cracks of the sheets of paper with praises, prayers supplications and hopes.
The plaza in front of the wall has the function of synagogue to the open one, in fact rites and ceremonies are celebrated.”
Lunch near Jewish restaurant. After the lunch, driven visit to the museum of the holocaust, that documents what the Shoa has been. I return in the hotel for the supper.

7°day Jerusalem/Gerico/Tel Aviv
It wakes up to the 8. Breakfast actually at 9 o'clock, and then departure for the visit dell Christian city.
It visits to the basilica of the Saint Sepulcher, to the Painful street and the church of the scourging.
“These places are the last tapes of Jesus before the death wanted by the Romans.”
I have lunch to the sack and departure in bus to 1 for Gerico. Arrival around the 2, visit to the ruins of the most ancient city of the world. Departure at 5 o'clock for Tel Aviv. Arrival around the 7 to Tel Aviv and walked on the waterfront. Supper near one of the most prestigious restaurants in the city. After the supper, return in the hotel for one hour and then gone out near some local nighttime.

8°day Tel Aviv/Italy

Free morning for the shopping. I have lunch in the hotel to the 1 o'clock p.m. To the 3,30 p.m. departure for the airport of Ben Gurion. Arrival and setup in areo for the take-off(Tel Aviv 17:30 - Rome 21:00 - Alghero 22:30).

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