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New York: The Flatiron Building

New York is definitely considered the city of skyscrapers. The early decades of the 20th century were a period of innovation,
discovery, and invention, as well as a great period for art and culture. The technological and economic boom, which made the American Dream appear near at hand, brought new vitality to architecture and made it possible to create many of the buildings which still make skyline of New York so special and so unique. The Flatiron Building was one of the first skyscrapers built in New York from a project of Daniel H. Burnham. This building is till today seen as an example of remarkable creative ability, and, thanks to its steel skeleton, it has been the symbol of the 20th century ,
a symbol of innovative vigor and architectural defiance. The building's triangular plan was a clever response to the awkward site produced by the intersection of Broadway and 5th Av. Thanks to its limestone facades, which are divided into horizontal bands, it brings to mind the elegance and the harmonic equilibrium of proportions, typical of the classic columns of Greece.
The Flatiron Building rises 21 floors to a total height of 87 meters, similar to the prow of a transatlantic liner that cuts decidely through the urban spaces.
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