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Glendalough is a famous natural location in the north-west part of Ireland. It consists of glacial valley which was formed during the last ice age. Once the ice retreated, the valley remained and was filled by water. Today is known as the valley of the two lakes and it is an amazing and peaceful place that attracts many tourists every year. It is also a place where a lot of people go to get in touch with their own spirituality.
The site is also characterized by an Early Medieval monastic settlement and the main group of ruins is found east of the Lower Lake. The Celtic Monastery complex was sacked by the Vikings and then by the English, but it has been restored after both occasions. After these ancient settlements the wilderness prevails you find yourself surrounded in a magical landscape. Several paths cross the mountains and lake sides and you could spend days walking these paths all the way to the upper valley. The Upper Lake is characterized by the most spectacular and wild scenery that culminates at the wooded cliffs siding an impressively high waterfall that plunges into the lake. It is by the Upper Lake that you can find the earliest dwellings associated with Saint Kevin a descendant of the royal ancient Irish house who had rejected his life of privilege in favor of a life as a hermit.
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