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In the first 800 changes that were quickly led to a profound transformation of the countries that came to be called "revolution" as it brought about a radical change in the ways and conditions of production of manufactured goods and in all sectors of economic life and social. It was thanks to the introduction of technological innovations that developed a new production system. In just two decades factories increased dramatically and the population grew more than tenfold.
It was therefore in place an industrial revolution, where the consequences are seen in the field of production: the use of machines replaced the labors of man greatly increasing the productivity of labor. Another key point of this revolution were the patents from 1760 to 1825, went increasingly crescendo.Vi was the invention of the mechanical loom, but the most important was the invention of mechanical steam, patented by Watt in 1769. This helped the performance of industry and transport (steamboat) using unlimited resources and low cost, thus initiating the birth of the big factories. And last it was the home work that with the advent of all these innovations declined in importance to the point of almost disappearing. One of the major principles of the revolution was the division of labor that allowed workers to specialize in a very specific branch of manufacture of goods, so the worker did not have to run the whole article but only part, this system brought in later years the introduction of the assembly line, but only in 1910. It is therefore obvious that this way of working called for strong discipline and a strict organization of the workman, strange things once for the various methods of productivity very slowly for various reasons. The factory work was different: the relentless pace of the machines and the workers are forced to work under the supervision of guards are ready to punish the minimum hint of a bad mistake by her workers.
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