The article of black chronicle is a short text that informs people about all the facts which are considered interesting for all readers.
In journalism the black chronicle is the report of events related to deaths or act of violence. We usually consider it as the true narration of a crime, but improperly. In fact journalists have to write lots of things such as the victims, murderess, the circumstance of the death. In addition a good article about crime depends on the ability of the report in telling the events.
In the past journalists were able to elevate the black chronicle to a true literary form, but nowadays it’s just simple information. The black chronicle has the difficult task of making “event” a fact that in itself is not, and could play an important role in helping to reflect on the meaning of violence. In the black chronicle the truth can’t exist: we can only speak of verisimilitude. In addition all this things can have an impact on the protagonists such as defendants, investigators, judges because the investigations are still going while journalists write all the information.
Recently newspaper pages of black chronicle are increasingly filled with news about the femicide, a phenomenon that is increasing.
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