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My favorite sport, horse-riding

My favorite sport is horse-back riding. I’ve been riding horses since I was six years old. It all started during the summer holidays when I was up in the mountains with my family. My parents would take me ride a pony every now and then so that I would get familiar with these amazing animals which I was already fond of.
When I turned ten, I told my parents that I would have liked to ride more often and so we started looking for a pony club closer to home. Ponies are in fact best suited for young people; they are smaller and easier to ride, but also stubborn and require you to be determined and strong. I’ve been riding ever since and find it extremely educational, and it’s a lot of fun too. During these years I learned how to approach and handle the ponies, and how to respect them. I’ve been challenging myself often to achieve what the trainer wanted me to do, and I was daring ever more in order to win the Gymkhanas, which require us to be extremely fast and precise at the same time. This all requires you to have a good feeling with the pony, and thus, I think I sort of made friends with few of them. Sometimes I’m sure they recognize me when I open their box. And also, I made a lot of friends with whom I share this very strong passion.
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