Video appunto: Facings


Facing is a common tool in the retail industry to create the look of a perfectly stocked store by pulling all of the products but it is also a term used in garment-fabrication.
Facing a part of a garment is the process of covering the raw edge or finishing it with a piece of fabric of cloth. Facings show on only one side of the garment.
When facings are turned to the wrong side, they are seen (inconspicuous) from the right side. This is called inside facing. When they are finished on the right side of the garment, they are called conspicuous or decorative facings.

Uses of acing a in garment construction:
1. For neatening a garment by covering the raw edge.

2. To reinforce the garment edge and retain its shape.

3. To decorate a garment, when it is applied on the right side.

Guidelines for attaching facings:
1. Facings should be cut to the same shape as the edge of the garment to be faced.

2. The grainline of the facing should match that of the edge being faced.

3. The width of the facing should always be enough to give a neat, flat finish.

4. The facing edge and garment edge should be placed exactly together with right sides together.

5. If facing is to show on right side out right side of facing to wrong side of garment.

6. If facing is to appear on the wrong side, place the right side against the right side of garment.