Laundering of personal clothes is very important for the following reasons:
1. Tidiness: clean clothes are necessary for tidiness.

2. Good appearance: clean clothes are important for good appearance and good grooming.

3. Health: dirty clothes can harbour disease germs for example scabies. It is therefore important that clothes are laundered.

4. Economy: dirt can damaged fabrics by weakening the fibres. Laundering helps clothes to last longer.

5. Dirty clothes are unpleasant to look at. They also smell badly. A person wearing dirty clothes would be avoided by others.

There are different things people ought to learn about simple laundry equipment and washing aids or agents. You also have to know the steps in the laundering of personal or family clothes, and guidelines for doing the ironing of clothes. Here are a few step:
- sorting the dirty clothes of separating them according to colours, fabric, etc.
- mending any tears in the clothes.

- removing any special stains on the clothes before washing.
- soaking or steeping heavily soiled articles that are colour-fast.
- washing the clothes with soap and water.
- rinsing the clothes to remove soap.
- optional treatments: these are carried out if desired for example dying, boiling, stiffening, etc.
- during the laundered clothes.
- finishing the clothes by ironing, pressing or other suitable methods.
- airing the finished clothes to ensure that they are completely dry.
- folding and storage of the aired clothes.

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