Patterns and prints are the designs of motifs on fabric. They add beauty and interest to wardrobe. They should be properly considered when choosing a fabric.

Guidelines for choosing patterns:
1. Choose a pattern that is suited to the figure in size and colour.
2. Small figures (persons of small size) should choose small patterns. Large prints might be too overpowering for them.
3. Tall slim figure should choose large designs.
4. Vertical strips make a figure look slimmer and taller.
5. Horizontal strips appear to add width and reduce height.

Dresses for different occasions:
1. School clothes: Important points about school clothes are:
- fabric for school should be durable, washable, colourful and comfortable.

- the style should be loose enough to allow for school activities without straining the seams.

- sore should be durable, comfortable and easy to clean.

2. Clothes for work: the type of work determines the type of clothes needed. Important points about clothes for work:

- the clothes should be comfortable, smart and simple.

- fabrics should be easy to clean or washable.

- over dressing should be avoided.

- only simple accessories are needed.

- clothes should not be too tight or revealing.

- clothes should be discreet.

- dress and shoes should allow for free movement.

- make-ups should be applied lightly.

- noisy shoes should be avoided.

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