These are common floor coverings. A rug is smaller than a carpet. While a rug covers just part of a floor, a carpet, covers the entire floor of a given room. Carpet can be fastened down to the floor with glue. Carpets are woven, but not all rugs are woven. Rag rugs can be made from scraps or pieces of cloth. Carpets and rugs can be made from wool, cotton and man-made fibres such as viscose nylon and acrylic.

Advantages of carpets and rugs

1) they add warmth and comfort to a room. They are warm to the feet.
2) they beautify the room.
3) they form good background for all other decorations in a room.
4) they reduce noise from shoes in a room for example sound insulation.
5) they protect the floor and can be durable.
6) they are non-slip (not slippery).

- they can be expensive.
- they are not easy to clean.
- their surfaces hold dirt.

Daily care of carpets and rug:
1) remove surface dust and litter with a carpet sweeper, vacuum cleaner or stiff broom or brush.

2) remove any stains and wipe off any spills as soon as they occur as follows:
- if liquid, blot up with a clean, dry, absorbent paper.
- if semi-solid or greasy material, scrape up.
- wipe over the area with a damp cloth:

Weekly cleaning:
- remove as much as possible with the vacuum cleaner.
- where a vacuum cleaner is not available and the carpet is not glued to the floor:
• take it outside,
• hang over a line,
• beat out as much dust as possible. Do the same for the rug.

Carpet- Periodic cleaning

When the carpet or rug is dirty it may be necessary to shampoo or sponge it. This can be done commercially by experts. You can also shampoo your rug or carpet by the following procedure:

i) Remove as much dust as possible with vacuum cleaner, carpet sweeper or by beating.

ii) Make a large quantity of warm detergent water, by mixing 1 part is detergent to 3 parts of warm water. There are also different types of carpet shampoo in the supermarket.

iii) Provide a basin of clean warm water for rinsing.

iv) Try out the shampooing on an inconspicuous part of the rug or carpet.

v) If it has no harmful effect, then treat a small area at a time using a sponge or a soft brush. Go in a light circular motion. Do not wet the rug.

vi) Rinse with another clean sponge or cloth wrung dry in clean warm water.

vii) Repeat until entire surface is covered.

viii) Dry out the rug or carpet in the sun where possible or in a warm room. An electric fan can hasten drying if available.

The rug or carpet must not be walked upon until it is properly dry. Special carpet shampoo may also be used for shampooing the carpet if if is available.

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