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World War I: The entry of America and the exit of Russia

In 1917 Russia withdraws from the conflict: The 1917 is a crucial year because it involved several factors. Russia withdraws from the conflict by signing the armistice of Brest-Litovsk (lasting five years) with Germany. This peace entailed considerable territorial losses for Russia who went to Germany as Poland, Lithuania, Estonia and Livania and paid a strong compensation.
The reasons that led Russia to withdraw from the conflict were due to the fact that in the Russian revolution broke out followed by a civil war that was waged by Lenin marxsista, trying to give birth to a communist society. This revolution sweeps away the tsar and inevitably Russia decides to withdraw from the war. Lenin is therefore an ideologist of communism pursuing the ideology that part of the struggle of the proletariat against capitalist society without classes, where everyone is equal and assets belong to everyone. This ideology did not see the use of arms, he spoke of the revolution of the proletariat through demonstrations and workers' rights and it does not through armed revolution. He was a supporter of the ideology that capitalism is a historical phenomenon and the death of capitalism takes place physiologically, then how did it ends. Lenin has the intention of making Russia a communist society but does not want to wait that capitalism ends physiologically, wants to anticipate the end of forming a communist society by force, to a civil war. Lenin believed that it is the time for Russia to unleash a civil war and as a result is forced to make the government withdraw troops from the war and then Russia comes out of the World War.
1917 The US enters the conflict: The 1917 also enshrines the entry in war of the United States of America. The causes that led the president Tomas Wilston to declare war on Germany in April 1917 were some. The motivating factor was due to the fact that the submarine war the Germans attacked and sank indifferently merchant ships of all countries even those not at war. And then, since different merchant ships were sunk American affondandone also a passenger, then America feels taking due. Another reason were the friendly relations between Great Britain and the USA (business relations). The Americans knew by the secret agencies that Germany had signed a secret agreement with the Mexican government for conflict together against the US. A further reason than that most important is given by economic interests in the middle east Mediterranean. In fact if the war had been won by the Austro-German coalition, commercial traffic would be challenged with an economic loss to the US. Another reason is the fact that the states of the Entente, England, France and Russia had their debts to US banks that did credit to support the conflict. Aid and loans were also war with armed wagon, aircraft from all the American continent. So a possible defeat of the Triple Entente would not have allowed to the USA to be paid then the return of the money was put in doubt. So we have a direct intervention of the United States, in April 1917 the United States officially enter World War. And it is thanks to their intervention that the tide of the war changed. Meanwhile, before the fate of the conflict changes there are huge losses in Italy as the tragic defeat that undergoes at Caporetto in Udine where many Italians died because of the attack of the contemporary Austro-German troops flocked en masse after the withdrawal of Russia from conflict. Germany then sends some other armies in France and in Italy, then Italy is facing two armies. The defeat was also determined by the difference between the arms backward Italy against those of modern Germany. The defeat was also due to errors of a military nature committed by Catorna which was not a great expert of war strategy. Italy never had an army well prepared, were the most backward in all respects even number. We are now facing two armies imperious. It should add also that the mood of the Italian soldiers in the field was low, in fact they thought that the war was very close, knowing what had happened in Russia see peace very close. Then having the belief that they had to finish the fight their mood was low but it did not and Italy suffered heavy defeats. The government runs for cover, we replace the commander, replaced by Armando Diaz, who, to make up the morale of the soldiers who were peasants workers, uses the strategy Garibaldi, is a kind of brainwashing convincing them that if they had taken, once defeated the enemy forces, the Italian Government would have done so many donations such territories, work etc .. then the victory was to be an obligation. Come new weapons and all this put together changes the reins of the game. The defeat of Kobarid you get to the battle of Vittorio Veneto who sees the victory of the Italian and the defeat of the Austrians where Italy takes the Trentino and the Veneto, in November 1918. The belligerent situation becomes advantageous for Italy and for all forces Entente, thanks to the intervention of US soldiers well armed and fresh. This led to the end of the Austro Ungaro, whence two distinct nations, Austria and Hungary. Germany was defeated in France thanks to the military superiority of the Entente and this brought the end of the war and the fall of the German. On November 3, 1918 Italy signed an armistice with Austria and November 4 and then complete the unification of Italy where the regions in hand back to Austria in the Italian territory, then the complete unification takes place November 4, 1918 .
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