Primary and Secondary needs of the family

Family needs are those things on which the family members are willing to spend their income. Budget is made on family needs. These needs are divided into two main classes - primary and secondary needs.

Primary needs:
These are the very important needs which are important for good health and survival. The family cannot do without them. They include:
- Food: which is needed for good health and energy. It also protects the body from diseases and makes us grow etc. it is important for life.

- clothing: which is needed for protection, decency, adornment is the body, etc.

- shelter: which is a house needed by the family, for security and protection against weather conditions for example rain, wind, heat, etc.

Secondary needs:
These are needs which the family can do without, though they are desirable. The secondary needs vary with families. They depend on the socio-economic level or status of the family. A high income family can afford many secondary needs while a low-income family may not. Examples of secondary needs are family cars, recreation, education, entertainment, savings, insurance, personal allowance, etc.

importance of family budget.
Families need to budget for the following reasons:
1. Family budgeting helps the family to make wise decisions about expenditure.
2. It held the family to spend money on what they really need.
3. It prevents wasteful spending of family money.
4. It helps the family to see how they spend their money.
5. It helps to prevent impulse buying. This is buying things not planned for.
6. It helps to train children in the wise use of money.

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