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Monuments of London

The Tower of London

The Tower of London is a Royal Palace and fortress, it'a a medieval castle in the heart of London with a bloody history. It was established in the year 1066 by Julliam the Conqueror. Today the Tower, houses the crown jewels and offers tours of the Tower included in the price of admission.

St.Paul's Cathedral

Build by the famous architect Christopher Wrenn rapresents the spirit of London. The Cathedral has survired the Second World War and has been withness to some of the most important ceremonies in the UK.
Just a few steps from St.Paul's Cathedral is the pedestriam millenium bridge opened to the public in 2000. This steeil suspencen bridge connects the north and the south banks of the city. The bridge offers some spectacular views of the city.

British museum

London has some beautiful and amazind museums and most of them are free at the public.
In London is most famous the British museum and it's dedicated to human history and art.
It houses objects from all over the world. Harrods department store is a London istituction. There are 7 floors and 330. There is also a food hall where you can find more than 27 ristorants.

London has six internationals airports. The most important is Gatwick to the south and Heatrow to the west. They are located a long wat out of town.
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