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I have been studying Drama in an Acting School in Rome for a year, and two weeks ago I acted on Shakespeare’s play “Much About Nothing “ where I played the part of Otello. When the teacher gave me this part I was very exited because it was the opportunity to show my parents that I had enough talent to build a career in acting. I want to became an actress and work both in theatres and at the cinema. I know that it is very difficult to work in the film industry because of the many people wanting to work there as well, also because it is corrupted, but I don’t care because when I was on stage, I understood that it was my place, that’s where I want to be. When I’m on stage, I feel like at home. I remember once when I was acting and I made a mistake and someone started laughing but I didn’t care and I continued acting.“An actor’s work never finishes” my teacher says, therefore One of my dreams that I’m trying so hard to make it come true is about moving to America where I have some relatives. When I’m 18 after taking my highs school diploma I’m going to study acting In Hollywood where I have some relatives at an Academy for actors. I’m planning already my trip but I know that it is not going to be easy, as in America they have very restricted laws about immigration. But I’ll do my best to succeed in one of the most important dreams of my life.

Maybe I’ll come back here, but I’m not going to come back to stay. I have already decided my future and if I fall, I’ll raise stronger than before. I’ don’t want my dreams to be closed in a drawer forever. Dreams exist so that one can make them true . It takes time to realize ones dreams but it’s worth the wait. In life you must never settle for. One day one of my colleagues told me about a casting which took place in Milano. Even if my parents didn’t agree about me going, I sent them my photo. After 2 weeks I got a message from them to go for an audition. I was so happy about it, but unfortunately I didn’t realize that the message was of the day before. I was desperate, I didn’t know what to do , so my friend told me to contact them anyway. I followed his advice and I called them and asked if I could participate equally. They answered me yes. I couldn’t believe it ! So I went and I took a part at a screen test and I acted my monologue.
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