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David Bowie
David Bowie, pseudonym of David Robert Jones (Brixton, 8 January 1947), a singer, musician and British actor, between the forerunners and greater representatives of the glam English rock. David Robert Jones is born at Brixton the 8 January 1947 (changes its surname in that darte of Bowie in order not to create ambiguit with the almost homonymous leader of the The Monkees Davy Jones) and belongs to the generation of youngsters grown nellambiente of the swinging London.
Its musical career, begun towards the end of the sixties, covers an arch of about forty years and embraced different artistic and commercial son-in-law, from the cited glam rock to the disk, to the pop electric, all one with large success.

Like actor, after some small apparitions, had good success in 1976 like protagonist of the film of science fiction THE MAN than cadde on the Land of Nicholas Roeg. Between the its better interpretations: Furyo (Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence) 1983 of Nagisa Oshima, Absolute Beginners 1986 of Julien Temple and Basquiat of Julian Schnabel. After the debut with an album homonymous that almost unobserved pass, trov a first one happened in 1969 with a song that tells of an astronaut lost in the space: Space Oddity, of romantic mould futurist. Immediately after for itself dedic to a rock pi cop, ambiguous and original blending science fiction, Dylan and Velvet Underground, decadence to the Oscar Wilde, hard rock like that of the friend Pop Iggy with the Stooges. They called it glam, was one of the large myths seventies. Bowie of it divent the highest priest with its bewildered air openly bisex and with the dreamlike clothing from stage sewn from the wife Angela.

After an experience to the sign of a hard rock and superamplificato with alone some flash of the Bowie than sar (The Man who sold the World, perhaps the hard pi between its album), the true explosion avvenne with Hunky Dory and The Laughed and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars that contain an enormous slice of its classics, repeated in whatever concert also to Starman, from Life on Mars? to Moonage Daydream, from Ziggy Stardust to Andy Warhol (dedicated the artist and friend Andy Warhol).

Between 1972 and 1973, in the cloths of Ziggy Stardust port in turn a show from the one thousand wonders where the true Bowie and the theatrical figure confused themselves a lot give back thin the boundary between realt and theatrical pretence. It brags numerous collaborations with the better artists from the years '70, like the friend Pop Iggy, Vat Turner and Queen for the years' 80, cos like the Pet Shop Boys for the years to come. In other words the "unquestioned father of the glam-rock", electric forerunner of contaminations (present championships sounds gi in pieces like Heroes of 1977). To the rhythm of a disk to the year, Bowie for several years in the well and in the badly never has limited to create a "brand Bowie" equal to if same and reassuring: from the nostalgia beat with Pin-Ups, to the nightmares orwelliani of Diamond Dogs, to the R&white B with Station to Station and Young Americans, to the pop electro intellectual that, second a lot critical, will constitute 1979, with the so-called trilogy Berliner of Low, Heroes and Lodger, album in reality (safe the second) realized alone partially to Berlin, but however strong influences from the contaminations between rock and electronics of whom were teachers the Kraftwerk and the Neu!, groups both German.

Decisive the meeting with Brian Eno, other survivor from the glam-rock of the first '70 with the Roxy Music of the fop Bryan Ferry. As much decisive a success now consolidated that allows the artist of to test new solutions without to pursue the commercial verification. In the meanwhile the character is not more the androgynous Ziggy Stardust but a thin white duke (thin white duke) from the disturbing androgynous suggestions under a musical style outwardly more macho. With the Eighty Bowie invest a lot of more in the career of film actor and theatrical and it increases, it is like number that like magnificence, its tour, while the record production is based for all of the decade on a refined how much generic pop, with album that rotate around the title-track structures like hit from bulky radio transmission. Let' s dance, Bends Girl, Loving the alien are alone some They accompany. A phenomenon, that of the video, that Bowie exploits in the better manner, from artist to round everything that always has shown.

The experimentation in four different album of the years will return Ninety, with the result of outstanding of Outside (and the creation of a novelty, sophisticated alter ego in the figure of the detective Nathan Adler) to that will return to collaborate Brian Eno, and a charming how much artistic debatable to play with the musical tendencies of fine century in the jungle of Earthling, and other results except for shining.
David Bowie collaborated, in 1981 with Freddie Mercury and the Queen for the creation of Under pressure in which duet with the leader of the well-known group English rock. The song at first venne called People on streets.

Between the other collaborations of the White Duke it is yourselves also that with the leader of the Rolling Stones, Mick Jagger. Together, in 1985, to support of the project Live Aid, realized a version of the song of Mars and the Vandellas Dancin' in the street of whom it is remembered the curious videoclip. It says itself also that between the two rockstars, the connection is been more than artistic, and that the famous song Angie, that the Stones realized in 1973 in controtendenza with the them style of always, is inspired to Angela Bowie, and indirectly reported to an orgia to four between her, David, Mick and it then its wife White Pérez Moreno De Macias.

The song Somebody Up There Likes was used Me in the video game GTA: San Andreas
THE ALBUM Hours is also soundtrack of a videogame (Omikron, The Nomad Soul), in which you buy the same Bowie and the wife Iman like characters of I surround.
The song Starman was used like abbreviation for a known program in wave on Italy 1 called Meteors.
In The well-known video game Metal Gear 3 Snake Eater, acclimated in the years '60, one of the characters uses at first like name in code Major Tom, like the character of Bowie in Space Oddity.
The song Suffragettes City is used in the game Driver parallel lines.
The eyes of David Bowie have a very rare particularity: seem of different color, in reality I am both blue, but in the left eye is present a permanent midriasi, the that does to seem this eye of color more darkness, almost brown absolutely, in a lot of conditions of light. The cause of this particularity is not certain: it is lead again some second, to a blow to the eye received young, during a brawl caused from a sentimental dispute that protagonist saw it, while second other would be derived from the astonishing use of substances, the that appears except for likely, as was already present before the astonishing abuse of substances aside of the singer.
David Bowie is occupied from the years ninety also of painting: its managers come exhibited in a lot of museums, British and American above all; is also founder of an association that understands to favor the visibility of works of young artists.
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