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Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell (London, 22 May 1970) is a supermodella, actress and British singer. Nicknamed it "black Venus", was introduced from the reviewed People between the 50 more attractive women of the world. The mother of Naomi is a jamaican dancer. Naomi comes from immediately introduced in the world of the fashion and of the show from the parents, that accompany it in varied advertising set.

Naomi is very pawned in the social one: known its engagements against the poverty in Africa, while in 2005 gave a contribution to help the survivors of the hurricane Katrina. In the April 1986 Naomi apparve on the cover of Elle, while in the August 1988 was the first woman of color to appear on the cover of Vogue (first in France and subsequently in England) and of Thyme Magazine.

Testimonial for the advertising campaigns of the Jeans was Lee and for the Olympus Corporation. It marched for designers like Gianni Pours and Valentino.

It settled without yourselves it it for it reviewed Playboy, and participated in the known photographic book of Madonna Sex. Naomi began in 1978, to the age of eight years, in a videoclip of Is This Love, of Bob Marley. Subsequently it participated in videoclip for singing like Michael Jackson, Notorius B.I.G., George Michael, Puff Daddy and Macy Gray.

In 1995 it debuted how singing, with the individual Love and Tears, contained in the Baby album Woman, that revenges 1 million of copies in the world. The album however is not very agreeable from the critic, and in the united Kingdom it is positioned only to the settantacinquesimo I post in the listings. Naomi debuted like actress in television. In 1988 apparve in fact in three episodes of the well-known series The Robinson. Subsequently it participated also to an episode of the serious Willy, the prince of Fine Air, next to Will Smith.

The debut in the cinema avvenne in 1991, with the film Cool as Ice. Subsequently Naomi interpreted other film, coming manager also from Spike Lee, in Girl 6 - Sex in line (1996). The sole role from protagonist was in uncomfortable Witness (1999). In 2006 it interpreted the short of the Pirelli The Call, directed by Antoine Fuqua for the web. The private life of Naomi is object of the caution of the newspapers of gossip of all of the world. Between its truths or alleged flirtation remember themselves Mike Tyson, Joaquin Cortès, Puff Daddy, Flavio Briatore, Robert De Niro, Leonardo of Caprio, Eric Clapton, Alberto TWO of Monk, Kevin Spacey, Lewis Hamilton and of recent the Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez.
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