Sewing of personal and household articles

Clothing and household linens are very important. They are normally sewn. Sewing is therefore a very important occupation. If you learn to sew, you can mend your own clothes and make new ones.
You can also make your home more attractive by sewing household linens, such as curtains, table covers and other decorative pieces. In this way you will not only save money, you can make money through sewing. In order to sew, you should be able to choose, use and care for sewing equipment and tools.
You should also understand simple sewing terms and perform basic sewing processes.

Sewing machine:
This is a major sewing equipment. It is used for stitching. There are many varieties of sewing machines. These perform various functions. Sewing machines are fully discussed in schools for tailors.

Sewing bag or box:
This is a special container used for packing the simple sewing equipment, tools and also aids such as threads, tailor's chalk, etc. When a box is used, items should be orderly arranged in it. A collection of sewing equipment and tools, properly arranged in a sewing box or bag is called a sewing kit.

Sewing thread:
This is a sewing aid. It is used for stitching. There are different types and colours of thread. For instance there are different colours of cotton, silk, and nylon threads. Choose a thread that matches whatever your are sewing on colour and texture.

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