Common ailments in Children

1. Colic: This is cause d by cramps in the intestines of the baby. These cause the baby real discomfort or pain. A baby who has colic cries hard. It is common during the first 3 to 4 months, but much less usual after that.

2. Constipation: This involves the passing of hard stool at long intervals or not passing it at all. Each child has his own pattern of passing stool. But when there is a change from the normal bowel pattern, the child might have a problem. Constipation could be common with bottle-fed babies.

- give the child extra water to drink.
- add sugar or glucose to his feed.
- give him more fruit juice.
- serious cases should be taken to doctors.

3. Diarrhoea: This is a sudden increase in the number of bowel movements, especially if they are loose and watery. It could be cause by:
- unsuitable diet.
- over feeding
- infection or disease.

- give Oral Rehydration Therapy after each stool.
- see the doctor if diarrhoea persists.

4. Nappy Rash: This occurs when a child has rashes in the nappy area. It could be cause by:
- using dirty napkins on baby.
- leaving soiled napkin on the baby for long time.
- not rinsing baby's napkin properly after washing.

- keep the area clean.
- expose the area. Stop baby from wearing napkin until rashes disappear.
- apply special Nappy rash lotions or ointments.

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