Here are some figure types suitable as well as unsuitable patterns and styles for each type.
1. Tall and Slender: the suitable patterns are large flowery designs; warm colours; contrasting colours for skirt and blouse; horizontal stripes; shinny or bulky fabrics; full sleeves and collars; gathered or pleated skirts; rich trimmings and frills and broad belts.
The unsuitable patterns are vertical stripes; tight dresses; V-shaped or low narrow neck lines; collarless dresses; geometrical patterns; tiny designs and sleeveless garments.

2. Short and Plump or Stout - the suitable patterns are vertical strips; lightweight fabrics; cool colours; V-shaped, U-shaped or rectangular necklines; fitted sleeves; narrow belts in colour of dress.
The unsuitable patterns are fabrics with large and elaborate prints or motifs; horizontal and diagonal line; frills and excessive trimmings; large sleeves; tight fitting dresses with high collar; gathered or heavily pleated skirts; wide belts; waistline in dresses.

3. Flat Chest - the suitable patterns are gathered and draped styles; bodice should have added fullness; yoke, embroidery and soft details at bust line; bows, drapes, cow-necks.
Te unsuitable patterns are fitted bodices and too wide neckline.

4. Large bust - the suitable patterns are V-shaped neckline; open collars; straight lapels; fitted serves (sleeves should not stop at bust line); vertical lines; tailored top bodice and skirt trimmings.
The unsuitable patterns are very high neckline; draped and gathered bodice; full sleeves; breast pockets; horizontal lines; frills on bodice.

5. Short neck - the suitable patterns are open neckline; V-shaped neckline, U-shaped neckline; open collars.
The unsuitable patterns are tie neck bands; high polo-necks; mandarin necklines.

6. Long neck - the suitable patterns are high neckline; turtle neck and high collars; frills at neckline; huge jewellery and use of scarves.
The unsuitable pattern is side or boat-shaped necklines.

7. Large hips - the suitable patterns are shaped skirt from waist; gathers can be used if the waist is small; use wide neck and shoulder lines to avoid triangular shape; straight dresses with no belt; stitched-down pleats; gored skirt.
The unsuitable patterns are fitted skirts; pockets at hips; too narrow bodice.

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