Many don't acknowledge the fact that there are certain rules and regulations specifically designed for choosing and operating a sewing machine which precisely indicates the maintenance of this equipment as well.
Guidelines for choosing sewing machine:
1. Compare similar types of sewing machines by different manufacturers.

2. Compare their servicing arrangements, parts, prices and any necessary information.

3. Consider the weight of the machine. Very heavy one may be too difficult to carry about.

4. Consider the money available. Buy the best your money can afford.

5. Before paying for the machine, check to ensure that you have the instructional manual or handbook, all the accessories and spare parts that accompany the machine.

6. Before carrying the machine, it is necessary to have the dealer demonstrate to you how it should be operated. Then try it out yourself.

Operating a sewing machine:
The following are important points to remember about the operation of a sewing machine -

1. There are two separate threads which are operated by the sewing machine, the upper and lower threads.

2. The bobbin controls the thread that runs underneath the cloth.

3. The needle controls the thread which stitches the cloth from the top.

4. When machining ( when the machine is operated) both thread are passed round each other (interlock) and tightened to form a stitch.

5. The even running of both threads, and the way they pull against each other, is called the tension.

6. To have perfect sewing, the tension must be accurate.

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