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Demo Moore
Demi Moore name of art of Demetria Gene Guynes (Roswell (New Mexico), 11 November 1962) is an actress and American film producer. Among her more known interpretations Ghost can be remembered (1990), code of honor (1992), proposed indecent (1993), revelations (1994) and Soldier Jane (1997). The Moore is also note for the bankrupt marriage with another superstar, Bruce Willis, together with which she has been founder of the famous international chain of places Planet Hollywood. In the countries of English language and in the countries in which the cinema is not doubled, she is often quoted as draws badge of the actress the stamp of very peculiar voice. She was born in a desolate family situation: her father Charles Harmon abandoned her mother Victoria before she was born, forcing not to include it the last name Harmon on her certificate of birth. Spent Demi Moore the greatest part of her infancy and her adolescence in the suburbs in Pittsburgh, and in vain it tried to convince her guardians to move to that place: Victoria and Danny had become in the meantime alcoholics, and in a moment of folly Danny he committed suicide, leaving in the most total discouragement both Demi and his/her mother. Nastassja Kinski, her friend of infancy, the Moore convinced to subscribe him to the Fairfax High School in Hollywood, an institute where it studied recitation becoming also her an actress to sixteen: it began working in television to the series General Hospital in the first years Eighty, but it continued to have an unstable and difficult character. After having made use of cocaine (it was the director of the telefilm Joel Schumacher to realize during the resumptions of it),she was also given to the alcoholism. After having overcome the crisis, it subsequently made him notice in cinema as more meaningful roles in A crush main point (1984) of Jerry Schatzberg, St. Elmo's Fire (1985) still of Joel Schumacher, speaking of last night (1986) of Edward Zwick, we are not angels (1989) of Neil Jordan, and as romantic protagonist of Ghost definitely emerging - Ghost (1990) of Jerry Zucker. In 1991 it placed naked for the magazine Vanity Fair; the particular thing was that during the releases the Moore was pregnant (of eight months) of Scout LaRue, had by his ex companion Bruce Willis: it was the first time that a woman in is interesting it dared so much, and the actress had from that service a great publicity, that exploited before wisely, during and after the realization of The shade of the witness of Alan Rudolph. Subsequently it also became manufacturing and it began her career with Soldier Jane (1997) of Ridley Scott, considered by the critics as her best interpretation. In Soldier Jane Demi Moore has probably reached the apex of the physical form, even more muscular and keynote in comparison to the precedent film Striptease. From that moment it reduced his/her presence on the cinema sets, taking asunder however part to the comedy comic Harry of Woody Allen (1997) and Passion of mind of Alain Berliner (1999). How producer, has financed all the films of Austin Powers, interpreted by the comedian Anglo-Canadian Mike Myers. In 2003 it returned on the great screen with the commercial comedy Charlie's Angels: never of Joseph McGinty Nichol, in which it recited beside divas of the caliber of Lucy Liu, Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz. Shortly after the exit of this film, the Moore submitted him to an intervention of surgery plastic face to eliminate the cellulitis and to increase the breast: the fact aroused scandal among the Anglo-Saxon tabloids, considering that she was mother and she had turned 41 years old. Demi Moore has been gotten married twice, and in both cases she has divorced: before from Freddy Moore (musician that had gotten married when it had only 18 years, from which she however has wanted to maintain the last name perlomeno in the name of art) and then from Bruce Willis, with which she has had three daughters (Rumer Glenn Willis (been born in the 1988), scout LaRue Willis (1991) and Tallulah Belle Willis (1994). After having currently made couple with Emilio Estevez she is married the actor Ashton Kutcher, of 16 years younger: initially this love could not be confessed because of the enormous difference of age among the two, but it was really her to go out to declaring publishes the relationship with an effected monologue March 19 th 2005 to the Saturday Night Live.
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