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At the Notting Hill Carnival!

This summer festival is a major tourist attraction. Notting Hill is a small area in West London but two million people come from all over the world toh ave fun. The carnival’s at the end of August each year, and the main days are Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday.
The festival started as a local West Indian event. But from a small procession through the streets of Nottimg Hill, it is now a huge multi-cultural arts festival. In fact, it is the largest street carnival in Europe. Only the Rio Carnival in Brazil is bigger. The carnival isn’t only a Caribbean event, groups from many parts of the world take part, includine Bangladesh, Bulgaria and Afghanistan.
At the heart of the festival is a spetacular parade. The Carnival route is three miles long and hundreds of groups move along along it. There’s music, decorated floats, elaborate costumes and dancing. It’s a very loud festival because there are 45 static sound systems in the street playing reggae, soul, hip hop, funk, house and garage. In addition, there are three live stage where artists from all the world perfora.

But there’s a lot more to the festival than just music. There are 300 food stalls sellino exotic international food, so you can’t get hungry. There’s theatre and arts and crafts, too.
You can sing and dance or you can just watch. But there’s no need to be quite. You can buy whistles and blow them to make lots of noise! The Notting Hill Carnival welcomes visitors and tourists. Its motto is ‘Every spectator is a participant’.

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