Dialogue: A chance meeting

Susan: Sorry I’m late, Eva. Have you been here long?
Eva: Hi! No, I’ve only been here for a couple of minutes. I was looking at those people over there. They’re shooting a film, aren’t they?
Susan: Shall we go and have a look?
Eva: All right. Hey! I know that guy!
Susan: Which one?
Eva: The one with a scar on his cheek.
Susan: Is he a friend?
Eva: Yes, er… no. he was a friend of my brother’s, up in Leeds.
Susan: Do you think we can go and talk to him after they’ve finished shooting?
Eva: I don’t think he’ll recognise me. We haven’t seen each other for four years. I was only 15 at the time.
Susan: I think he’s recognised you. Look! He’s coming towards us.
Simon: You’re Eva, aren’t you? Do you remember me? I’m Simon.
Eva: Of course I remember you. But, you’ve grown a beard. How long have you had it?
Simon: It’s all make up. And this scar is make up, too. It looks real, doesn’t it? Our make up artist is very good.
Eva: I knew you were going to drama school, but I thought it was only a hobby.
Simon: It is, really. I’m only playing a small part in this film. But tell me about you. Last time I went up to Leeds to see my parents, your mother told me you were in London.
Eva: Yes, I decided to come down after I finished high school.
Simon: Great. So we can get together some time. Look, I must go now’cos I’ve got to be in the next shot. But this evening I’m having a drink with some friends at a pub in Notting Hill. Would you and your friend like to come?
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