The rooms and the surroundings of your home make up your home environment. The environmental is important for the good health and welfare of the family and its members. It is therefore important that we keep our environment clean and healthy. There are different rooms in the home, their uses are precise and pieces of furniture are found in each room. There is a need to learn about general cleaning of a house, various ways of keeping each part of the home and its surroundings tidy and clean. These are all part of your home-making activities.

The dining room furniture: the pieces of furniture found in the dining room include:
- Dining table.
- Dining chairs.
- A cupboard or sideboard for storing crockery, cutlery, tables mats, napkins, etc.

Daily cleaning of dining room

The dining room or area should be cleaned every morning and after each meal.
1) Open the windows and sweep the floor . Reach all corners and under the furniture.

2) Clean the table with a clean piece of cloth wrung out in warm soapy water.
3) Dust the chairs and other pieces of furniture.
4) Put fresh flowers.

After Meal Cleaning

1) Clear the table and remove any pieces is food.
2) Clean the table mats and put them away.
3) Clean the table. Dirty tables attracts files and bacteria or germs.
4) Sweep off all pieces of food on the floor.
5) Arrange the curtains neatly.

Weekly cleaning

Follow the same procedure of weekly cleaning of the areas around the sitting room for example. Clean table mats, table covers and napkins thoroughly according to the type.

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