importance of buying good quality foodstuffs

Good quality foodstuff is one that is fresh and has a good appearance. It is not damaged. It may be expensive. It is important to buy good quality foodstuff for the following reasons:
1. Good quality foodstuffs are fresh and wholesome.

2. Their nutrient content is still intact.

3. They keep well in storage.

4. They are not yet attacked by food spoilage organisms.

5. They are appetizing and taste good.

6. They are economical because there is little or no wastage. This is because they are still fresh.

7. They have good appearance for example fresh fruits.

Guidelines for purchasing good quality foodstuffs:
- consider the nutritional needs of the family members. This will help in meal planning.
- plan meal for several days at a time.
- prepare a good shopping list of foodstuffs to be purchased. Base shopping list on the amount of money available.

- ensure that there are adequate storage facilities for the foodstuff to be purchased.
- buy good quality foodstuffs.
- buy foods that are in season. They are cheapest and at their best.
- avoid impulsive buying.
- compare values and prices in different stores or with different sellers.
- buy where foodstuff is best and cheapest. Make substitutions when other foods of the same nutritive value are cheaper.
For instance pawpaw ( a tropical fruit) can be substituted for mango, if pawpaw is cheaper.
- buy non-Perishable foods in bulk and store properly.

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