Bulk purchasing or buying

A lot of people like to bulk buy foodstuffs from the supermarket for several reasons: because the items are on sale or may be they can only be found in certain period in discount stores.
Bulk buying is the process of buying foodstuffs in large quantities.

Advantages of bulk buying:
1. It is economical and saves money. This is because it is cheaper to buy large quantities than in small bits.
For instance a bag of rice at the right time is cheaper than buying few cups on weekly basis.

2. It saves time and energy: the homemaker does not need to go to the market daily.

3. It enables the homemaker to buy food in season: This is buying and storing food in the period of plenty.

4. It is very useful for food management in large families and institutions such as school hostels, etc.

5. It ensures that food is always in the house.

Disadvantages of bulk buying:
1. It can take much of the family income and prevent purchase of other needed commodities.

2. One kind of good purchased in bulk can become monotonous to the family diet.

3. Lack of proper storage and management of food can lead to wastage.

4. Poor quality foodstuffs purchased in bulk spoil in storage.

• It is important to purchase vegetables and fruits as and when needed if possible.
• Avoid the wastage by buying or purchasing just the foods which the family will eat.
• Share a bulk buying project with the neighbours or friends whenever possible.
For instance a group can buy a basket of tomatoes and share.

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