Video appunto: Kitchen and Buffet Service
Kitchen and Buffet Service

This is a method is serving the meal in the kitchen. Food is served directly from the cooking pot into plates. The meal may be eaten in the kitchen or taken to the dinning room table. People can also eat their meal sitting on small kitchen stools or in bare floor.

Advantages is kitchen service:
It is easy and simple.
2. It does not require special space and many plates or cutlery.
3. It is suitable for persons living in one-room apartment.
4. It is suitable for one-pot dishes for example yam, pottage, jollof rice, etc.

Disadvantages of kitchen service:
1. Children may not learn table manners.
2. Family may not eat together.
3. A person can be given more food than he can finish.

Buffet Service
In buffet service, dishes or meals are set out as attractively as possible on a table and guests help themselves to the food.

Advantages of buffet service:
1. It reduces the problems of serving meals to guests. They serve themselves.
2. Guests take just what they want.
3. Food wastage is reduced.
4. It solves the problem of space.

To lay the table:
- clean the table and chairs.
- gather all materials needed.
- spread the table cover/cloth neatly.
- place the table or place mats to make the covers.
- place the side plates at the left hand side of the place mat.
- place the serviette or napkin on the side plate.
- place the pieces of cutlery considering if it's informal or formal table setting.