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Spotlight on mobile phones

Mobile phones, the la test “must have” accessory for teenagers, are causing big problems in schools all over the UK. To-thirds of the schools in the Birmingham area have banned student from bringing their phones to school. ‘It’s a terrible insult to teachers when a phone rings in a lesson, ‘Dave Bowen, headmaster of West Bromwich High school, told us. ‘It breaks everyone’s concentration and destroys the lesson. Student don’t learn anything.’ But is the decision popular with children? The team from Spotlight decided to investigate by asking some of them. Her’s what they said:

Sam Stamps, aged 15 – I think the idea is ridiculous. We live in the 21th century and we should be learning how to use new technology, not trying to hide from it. Mobile phones will become as important as computers in the classroom of the future. Mobile phones are great I couldn't live without one.

Cherie Dent, aged 14 – My mobile phone was confiscated because the battery was low and it beeped in the classroom. I think that was a bit unfair. But I can understand why teachers don’t want students to use phones in the classroom. It’s so rude when it rings in the middle of a lesson.

Andrei Hunt, aged 14 – I don’t think schools have the right to tell us that we can’t take our phones to school. I only feel safe if I have my phone in my pocket. I need to tell my mum what time I’m going to get home. Schools should do something about people who steal mobile phones – it happened to me last month, and it’s happened to a lot of my friends, too.

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