Care of the Bedroom

Many people underestimate the fact that there's a need to keep not only oneself clean but also to keep the environment and most especially the room where they live in very tidy and hygienic.
Daily cleaning:
1. Open the windows and draw the curtains to air the room.
2. Take up the mosquito net and adjust it neatly. If it is in use.
3. Dust the bedroom furnitures.
4. Sweep the floor and brush the floor covering.
5. Make the bed.
6. Arrange the dressing table and clean the duster and put away neatly.

Weekly cleaning:

1. Open the windows, remove the linens for example curtains, mosquito net, bed sheets and pillow cases.
2. Launder the linens if they are dirty, otherwise air them in the sun. The bed linens (bed sheets and pillow cases) should be laundered every week.
3. Put out the mattress and pillows in the sun to air. Take out the underlay between the bed and the mattress. Shake the mattress and square it, to maintain its shape.

4. Carry out all available and portable furniture and clean each according to type.
5. Sweep down the cobwebs from ceiling, wall, doors, and windows. Clean doors and windows according to type.
6. Clean the bed framework and springs according to type. Clean any pieces of ornament.
7. Clean all other furniture in the room.
8. About once month remove the clothes in the wardrobe. Air them. Clean the wardrobe and put back the clothes.
9. Sweep the floor and clean according to type.
10. Make the bed with a set of clean bed sheets and pillow cases. Follow the procedure for bed-making.
11. Replace the mosquito net, curtains and ornaments in the right places.
12. Dispose of any refuse properly.

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