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George Timothy Clooney (Lexington, 6 May 1961) is an actor, producer and film producer American. It began its career with a lot of film of serious b and small participations (the sitcom Gobbles up and meat, the yellow series The lady in yellow, the made-for-tv movie Sisters), and in the part of J. D in Thelma & Louise the favorite venne Brad Pitt[1].

It became famous thanks to the television series AND. R. - Front-line Doctors, in which ebbe the part of the pediatrician Douglas "Doug" Ross, role interpreted during the first five seasons of the made-for-tv movie. The reputation obtained the fece to you show favor for the film career.

It collects a good success in 1996 with the sparkling romantic comedy A day, for case, interpreted by the side of Michelle Pfeiffer.

In 1998, with Out of Sight, began its long collaboration with Steven Soderbergh, producer with which realized different films, between the what Solaris (remake of the masterpiece of Tarkovskij) and the trilogy Ocean' s Eleven (remake of the big Blow of the clan Sinatra), Ocean' s Twelve and Ocean' s Thirteen. Together with the producer it has, besides, been based on the Section Eight Productions, a film movie studio.

Also it collaborated with the brothers Coen, in Brother, where you are?, winner of a prize Golden Globes, like best actor protagonist in the section musical-comedy.

In its career it did not scorn the interpretation of roles in films except for pledged like The perfect storm, but also more serious film like Three Kings on the war of the Gulf.

In 2002 it begins to the direction with Confessions of a dangerous mind, story of the double life of Chuck Barris, television presenter that asserted to to be been a hired killer of the IOC.

In 2003 it works still with the Coen in First I marry you, then I ruin you, together with Catherine Zed-Jones.

Its second work behind the car from taken is still a film "pledged" : Good Night, and Good Luck, turned entirely in white and black, presented in preview to the international 62a Show of film art of Venice, tells the true story of the American journalist Edward R. Murrow, anchorman of the CBS, appears historical of the struggle to the McCarthyism. The film, given for favored from public and critic, instead received two smaller recognitions, the "Prize Osella" for the better script (to Clooney and Grant Heslov) and the Cup Foxes for the best masculine interpretation to David Strathairn. In America the film received different recognitions, does not finish 6 candidacies to the prizes Oscar; same Clooney three received of it, like producer and scriptwriter of the film and like actor not protagonist of Syriana (was the fifth one in the story to obtain this tripletta after Orson Welles, Woody Allen, Warren Beatty and Favorable Roberto). Its work from producer is, however, remained to dry mouth, but Clooney has been able to comfort with the oscar to the best actor not protagonist.

To 64° international Show of art film of Venice presented the film Michael Clayton a legal thriller of the Jellyfish with the superstar Tilde Swinton. For this film was candidate is to the Golden Globes in the section drama is all' Oscar, like best actor protagonist.

Clooney specially is bound to the Italy, from him very dear, and gained two villas to Laglio, on the lake of Como (Villa Oleandra and, in a second moment, Villa Margherita).
It's grandchild of the singing Rosemary Clooney and is cousin of the actors Rafael and Miguel Ferrer. George Clooney, later on to of the renewals of the film "Ocean' s Twelve", passed a period of rest in Italy, in particolar manner on the lake of Como. Here he himself innamorò such of the place to prefer it to the California, where resided. Decided so of to buy itself a villa to Laglio. To The first villa followed then the purchase of a second one, of a third one, with a beach in governmental concession, and finally of a fourth one. Today the actor goes all the actual vacations to Como, where invites often well-known actors, singing and persons of the show, Americans and international. Recently it adhered to the committee for the defence of the integrity of the shores of the lake.

In a recent interview to the weekly Charm it declared: in Italy lives itself better that in America, the Italians taught to celebrate me the life!

It is a supporter of the Democratic Party American.

It will be manager in a society for the clean energy, in fact the actor is in board of directors of the new group swiss.

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