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Lettera - Descrivere una città

Dear Sally,
thank you for letter, I was glad to receive it. I really hope you will visit me in Torino. In the summer Torino is very hot and humid. The temperature sometimes reached 40°C in the shade. In the winter Torino is very cold. The temperature sometimes reached -10°C.
These days the average is 0°C. December to march is a good time to visit. You can go skiing in Sestriere (Bardonecchia). Mole Antonelliana is a famous land mark. It’s in the centre of the city. From the top you can have a fantastic view.
It’s a big city. If you come to Torino, you will see lots of interesting places, including the Egyptian museum and Superga church. Many visitors go to Venaria Royal Place’s. This place is very big and beautiful. Torino is an exciting city and there is lots see and do. These days snowing in Turin. The city is covered in white.
The Castle Square is the center and heart of the city of monuments, from which is completely surrounded. In the middle of the square stands Palazzo Madama and on the side you could see The Royal Theatre, The Royal Palace, the Royal Library (that houses Leonardo da Vinci's operas). In Castle Square begin the most important central streets, like Rome Street, Po Street, Garibaldi Street and Pietro Micca Street.
The Valentino's Park is the most famous and oldest public park in the city. It was taken as a symbol of the city like the Mole. Superbly located, not far from the center is located along the left bank of the Po. Valentino Castle is surely the most famous building in the park. Its origins date back to the beginning of the 16th century. When will you come to see us?
Write soon!