Esempi di lettera in lingua inglese

(city), (ES)4th April 2018
Dear friend,
I’m sorry I haven’t written for a long time but I’ve had lots to do at school.
How are you? I know you’re having your final exams this year. Are you worried about that?
I myself had my term exams last week. I just hope I did fine. We’ll get our scores next Monday.
You know, I was at the Muse concert in London two days ago. Dad and I got the tickets for free. That was the best day of my life! Have you ever been to a concert?
My family are planning our summer holiday. Dad wants to go to Spain. He likes the hot weather and bathing in the sea and that sort of stuff but Mum likes sightseeing and visiting museums so she’s going to book a holiday in Sicily. She thinks everyone will be happy with that.
I’m not sure I want to go to Sicily. Family holidays are boring! I’m going to go camping with a couple of friends. We’re going to explore the north of Scotland. I’ve never been there and I’m sure we’ll enjoy ourselves a lot. There’s only one problem: I’m broke!
What are your plans for the Summer? Are you going anywhere interesting?
I’m afraid I have to go now. It’s dinner time. Mum usually gets some fish and chips from the takeway round the corner on Friday! Yummy! Have you ever had British fish and chips? It’s great!
I hope to read from you soon.

Poggio Rusco, 16th April 2018
Dear Jackie,
Thank you for your letter. It was nice to read from you.
I’m fine thanks you, what about you?
Yes, I do. I’m very worried of the exams. I wish you luck for your exam, tell me what about the vote of it.
No, I don’t. I’ve never been to a concert, but I’m going to choose a concert to go to this summer. I think I will go to the Maneskin concert, you know Maneskin?
Sicily is very beautiful, ask your mom if you can go to the beach and if you can come to Italy. What about meeting in Sicily? I usually go to the sea there!
This year I’m going to Riccione, too. Riccione is one of the most popular turistic destinations of the Adriatic coast.
Now I have to do History home work!
Lots of love.

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