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Dear Jenny,
thank you for letter, I was glad to receive it. In this letter I want to speak of my best trip at school. The best experience I have had last year was my three-day school trip. I went in Toscana. I visited a lot of beautiful places and saw many interesting things. It was great. I left at 6.00 on Wednesday. We always travelled by bus. It took about 4 hours to get to Pisa. In Pisa I saw the baptistery, the Dome and the Tower of Pisa. It was great! In the afternoon I went to Lucca. I arrived at the hotel at 7.00 pm. The hotel was nice. It was new and the rooms were comfortable. The night I was awake until one o'clock with my friends.
The second day I went to San Gimignano where I saw the Tower Rognosa. After lunch I went to Volterra. A really beautiful place! Here I saw the Mayor of Tower or Torre del Porcellino because at the top of the tower is a statue of a pig.

The third and last day I went in Bolgheri, a small village in the municipality of Castagneto Carducci. It was really cute!
In the afternoon I went in Cecina Mare. I and my friends stayed on the beach. We had so much fun! I got back at 10 pm on Friday.
What is the best experience you've had at school trip?? Where did you go?
I waiting for your response. Kisses

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