Things to write in a letter

How to start:
- Thanks for your nice letter
- Thanks fot rhe lovely letter you sent me
- I was very pleased to receive your lette (the other day)
- Thank you for you recent letter
- Hello, how are you. I hope that you and ypur family are well (are fine)
Argomentare una lettera:
- I want to tell you about...
- I've got a lot of things to tell you...
- In this letter I want to tell you about...
- I'm sorry I didn't write back soon because...
- Sorry for the delay but...
- I'm sorry it's taken so long to reply (write back) but...
-I'm sorry I don't write you more often but I haven't had much time lately
- I think that's all for now
- I must finish my letter how as (you can choose between a lot of options like "it's getting late" or "I have to go shopping", or othter things like "I have to study/to do my homework", "I'mgoing to make a cake" etcetera)
- Well, that's all for now. I've got lots of homework to do
- I'l close now because I have to study
- I'm looking forward hoping to receive your letter soon
- I'm looking forward hoping to hear for you
- I'll be waiting to hear from you
- I hope to hear from you soon
- Write to me asap (as soon as possible)
- All the best (firma)
- Love (firma)
- Yours, (firma)

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