Lettera ad un amico

Ecco una piccola guida che spiega come scrivere una lettera in inglese, seguendo l'esempio di una lettera ad un amico. E' riportato un modello standard per la stesura di lettere in inglese esame terza media: si introduce la lettera con un saluto introduttivo che in inglese è dear, successivamente si chiede all'amico di penna come sta e si continua a scrivere la lettera raccontando di sé stessi, chi siamo, quanti anni abbiamo, che cosa facciamo nella nostra vita quotidiana.
la lettera in inglese esami terza media costituisce inoltre una delle tipologie di prova a cui sono sottoposti gli studenti in occasione degli esami di terza media. Nella lettera ad un amico si può descrivere inoltre ad un amico la propria vacanza estiva in compagnia dei propri familiari e amici, analizzando i vari momenti della giornata, che cosa abbiamo fatto nella nostra giornata tipo.
Alla fine della lettera è presente la frase finale con il saluto di rito e la firma del mittente.

Lettera di inglese esami terza media

Ecco un esempio in inglese di lettera ad un amico:

Dear Kate,
How are you? I’m fine. Thanks you for your latest letter. I was very happy to receive it. I’d like tell you about me, my life, my hobbies, mi abilities… I’m almost 14 years old and I’m in 8 years. I live in Brignano, a small village in a North of Italy. I have long brown hair and brown eyes too. I’m small and I have medium build. This year I must take an exam, I’m afraid because it’s only second exam that I do. I’m afraid mostly for oral exam, I’m scared speak in front of all teachers! Next year I will go to Liceo Linguistico. ecco una piccola guida su come scrivere delle lettere in inglese esame terza mediaI do dancing for 5 years and I love it. I hope to continue also next year, but I will have a lots of homework. My best friend is Beatrice. She’s 14. Her birthday was on 31st march. I have to present her a makeup suitcase. She was very happy for it. I want tell you about a trip that I did two weeks ago. I went to London with my family. I stayed in a Bed and Breakfast (Because we wanted eat out of the hotel) for one week. On first day I saw the Big Ben, the House of Parliament, Royal Opera House and I went on London Eye. On the second day I saw Buckingham palace, British Museum and Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. On third day I saw a Westminster Abbey, St James Park, St Paul’s Cathedral and Tower Bridge. On fourth day I went to see a Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum, Camden Tow and Royal Observatory Greenwich. On fifth day I went to shopping in Oxford street on the morning and in the evening I saw the Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly Theatre. On sixth day I went to eat in Chinatown and I saw the Sherlock Holmes Museum. On last day I went in Piccadilly Circus and then I saw Madame Tussaud’s wax museum. The weather was very good; it was sunny for most of week, only on second day was a little cloudy but after they went away. I’d like that you come in Italy, you can stay in my home if you want. I would bring you at see cathedral of Milan, Scala Theatre in Milan, Coliseum of Rome, Channels of Venice and others things. Let me know soon!
Much Love,

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