Menu and rules to compose

MENU: a list of dishes in a meal or to be ordered
as separate meals especially in a restaurant”
- Is fish on the menu today?

Appetizers: it's something eaten or drink before or at the
beginning of a meal to increase the desire of the food”

Starters: it's “The first part of the meal”
Would you like soup or melon as a starters?

Main courses: it's “The most important part of the meal”
They served chicken as a main course

Desserts: it's a “Sweet food served after the main course at the end of the meal”

The menu is must to be simple, and it is to balance in all the proposed dishes. The menu must cointains fresh vegetables and fruits. They aren't too many fatty food or the menu not contains only meat dishes one. In the menu the chef must avoid too many dishes with the eggs. With a menu composition we must check it the list and we must control that we don't appear fish twice.

Check in the menu that there aren't in main meat courses similiar games or poultry dishes. The meal must contain good colour and taste contrast. In accompain with menu list, we must write a wine list, and we control that the wines are served in the right order: - appetizers wine, white wine, red wine, sweet desserts wine and they must (the wine) are suitable to acocmpain the food.

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