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Refrigerated storage system

Cook chill, cook freeze and sous vide are refrigerated storage system based on the new catering technologies which help to plan more efficiently the food production and the kitchen design.
Planning is very important nowadays, because costs of space, equipment, fuel and maintenance continue to rise.
These system have opened a new age in modern catering to fight against food contamination.
Thanks to these system we can:
• increase productivity;
• Buy food when price is low;
• Control and minimize microbiological growth;
• Avoid deterioration of food structure, quality, appearance and nutritional values;
• Best use staff time;
• Use appliances more efficiently.

The cook-chill system

To chill means to cool food above the freezing point, at a temperature of 0°C / 3°C.
Chilling ensure protection from microbiological growth and maintenance of nutritional values for a few days only. The main aim of chilling is to prolong the food storage life.

The cook freeze system
To freeze means to cool food below the freezing point, at a temperature of -18°C/20°C.
Deep freezing prevent the multiplication of micro-organism for months.
Food must be frozen as rapidly as possible to avoid contamination. The main aim of chilling is to prolong the food storage life.

Vacuum cocking
Vacuum cocking system, means to sea food in plastic pouches and the cook it by steam. After that, food is chilled at 3°C in ice water or in air blast chillers. Finally, they are regenerated in boiling water or in steam contamination ovens.
The main aim of vacuum cocking are:
- to prolong food storage life;
- To retain food color, flavor and texture;
- To prevent oxidation and cross-contamination.

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