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England between the two World War and the Irish question

After the death of Queen Victoria, her son Edward VII ascended to

the throne and the Liberal Party won the election held in 1906.

This one was the party that received more votes because the

electors believed that through the Liberals they could achieve the

socials reforms they needed.

This period saw the promulgation of lots of socials reforms as the

law that provided free school meals, the one that established a

system of compulsory school education for all children up to the age

of fifteen and was founded the Labour Exchanges opened to people

looking for a job.

During his reign there was a period of relative calm and prosperity

which was to change when George V came to the throne.

The reforms carried out before led to an heavier taxation on the

wealthy and conflict in Parliament introduced the Parliament Act, by

which the House of Lords could no longer question financial

legislation passed in Commons.

The first decade of the century caused the end of the balance of

power that the Britain had maintained since the eighteenth century

thanks to her foreign policy.

Germany was trying to extend her control over the Balkan states of

south-east Europe and this would cause a danger for the British

position in the Near East and Egypt.

So Britain allied herself with France, Japan and Russia and began

to organise her navy to compete with Germany.

The first World War broke out in June 1914 when the heir to

Austrian throne, the Archduke Francis Ferdinand, was killed at

Sarajevo, during an official state visit.

Austria and Germany declared war on Serbia in July while France,

Russia and Britain sided with Serbia.

In 1915 Italy joined France and after Russia withdrew, the United

States entered the war on Britain’s side.

The war ended in November 1918 with several dead and wounded.


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