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Esame di Inglese giuridico docente Prof. G. Tieghi



European Court of Justice

European Court of Human


Supreme Court of the United Kingdom

( )

binding lower courts but not itself

Court of Appeal


binding lower courts and itself)

High Court


different disputes+appeals, new cases)

County Court Crown Court

(small claims) (criminal casses and appeals)

Magistrates Courts

Magistrates Courts


 Adversarial system (Common law)

o Two sides as opponents

o Trial lawyers are responsible for adducing evidence and bringing legal argument

o Judge remain a neutral umpire

 Inquisitorial system (Civil law)

o The state has the major investigator role

Lower courts (Magistrates Courts, County Courts)

 Decide the matter of fact and law in a case for the first instance

Higher Courts (Crown Courts, High Courts, Courts of Appeal, Supreme Court)

 Review of trial level decision on matter of legal principle and public interests

Civil Law

Claimant against defendant


 Damages: money compensation

 Injuction: a court order directing to a person to do or to refrain to do a particular act

 Specific performance: court order which compels a party to perform their part of a contract

 Rescission: allowing innocent party to have the contract canceled

 Rectification: correcting a document in order to reflect the exact intentions of the parties to it

Procedement of a civil law case

 Preliminaries

o Establishing possible claims: seeking legal advice from a solicitor

o Assembling the case: client instruct the solicitor

o Pre action matters: parties exchange documents in order to settle their dispute

 Negotiation: parties compromise

 Mediation: a third acts as a go-between the parties

 Conciliation: the third party may also offer a non binding opinion

 Arbitration an award adjudicate the dispute

 Civil litigation

o Starting: the claimant sues the defendant on a legal matter

o Statement of case

o Defendant response: he can admit/defend/ask more time

o Default judgment

o Allocation

 Offers to settle by payment into courts

 Offers an Alternative Dispute resolution

 Injuction

 Civil trial

o The case is heard in the County Court or in the High Court

o The claimant must prove, on the balance of the probabilities, that events occurred a claimed

(burden of proof)

o If claimant wins, the court will deliver judgment

o Either party may appeal to the Court of Appeal

Criminal Law

A prosecutor prosecutes a defendant


 Arrest

 Commencement is responsibility of the Crown Prosecution Service

 Charging: (Holding on demand/releasing on bail) or (information/summons)

 Offences are classified as follows

o Summary offences: less serious, only Magistrates Courts

o Either way offences: median seriousness, Magistrates Courts or Crown Court

o Indictable offences: most serious, only Crown Court

 Prosecution must prove that defendant is guilty beyond reasonable doubt




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Corso di laurea: Corso di laurea magistrale in giurisprudenza (PADOVA, TREVISO)
Università: Padova - Unipd
A.A.: 2018-2019

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