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My family owns a Toy shop here in Rome and we opened our first shop in Naples when I was four. For us our toy shop is like our home. There are people in our store that help us to manage the shop. The busiest time of the year is Christmas because people always follow the Christmas tradition of buying gifts for children. On holidays, like Easter, Christmas etc. we always put on special offers some toys. I often help my father to chose which toy to put on sale. I like helping at the toy shop very much because I’m always in contact with other children and with lots of people. So it’s never boring, especially at Christmas time, because a lot of people come to buy presents. It’s the busiest time of the year and by the end of the day we all get very tired. Next year my father is going to open another shop because he wants to expand our business. He wants to use advertising and wants the family business to grow and become a “toy” empire. When I grow up I’m going to open my toy shop too, because I love selling toys. Selling toys is more beautiful than selling other things, like shoes or clothes, because I am always in contact with other children, but the thing I like most is that they are children who want to play and buy new games. Instead the thing I hate the most is that we can never sit because we are always very busy.
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