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Always humans have tried to take refuge, in front of the many problems of life, in their own world where they can feel themselves safe and secure. At the same time human is a social creature which needs of his fellows and that needs to communicate. Until few years ago, this fantasy world was given by films, where people, thanks to the imagination could become anyone. With the development of technology and especially of the smartphones, people have began to isolate themselves more and more in their own home because they no longer need to go out to communicate with other people because there are a lot of messaging programs like whatsapp or tariffs with unlimited minutes and so people can talk with their friends comfortably from their home. Naturally I can’t say that smartphones have only downsides. Often when people are bored because they have to wait for a long time in banks or post offices, they can spent their waiting time playing online games. Many mobiles warn you if there is a lot of traffic or with specific programs you can check the inside of your house when you are on holiday, you can access all time at your email, you can track your kids when you don’t know where they are or you can simply read the last minute news on one of the many online newspapers. But we have to be careful, all that glitter is not gold. As I mentioned before people tend increasingly to isolate themselves, some games can bring to dependency and consequently to a waste of money bacause, may be, a person want that his character of a game would be the strongest of all. Then we must consider the privacy factor, if we lose our mobile phone, alot of datas can arrive in wrong hands, or if you own a last generation mobile, you should be injuried during an attemted robbery. So in conclusion, a mobile, like everyelese should be used with moderation and prudence.

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