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Italy has been hit hard by a crisis that has led to an increase in unemployment and especially young people are paying the cost of the crisis. The job situation is different from north to south, and the highest rate of unemployment is here in the South. I’ve been told by many people who have had the luck to find a good job that there is work “but few know it”, I don’t agree because I see families in critical conditions and people who commit the worst acts, sometimes crazy. Today I think that finding a rewarding job is very difficult. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to find one. We can look for jobs through magazines, through recruitment agencies, or surfing the net. I prefer using internet to other methods because I find out about new jobs as soon as they become available.
Through work men provide for themselves and for their families, and it gives the opportunity to become independent. However, some surveys show that many workers are not satisfied with their job, and that many people dream of changing them, which is not so easy these days. Researches made in recent years show that not only in Italy but all over the world, engineering, economy and in general all subjects related to science give a better chance of finding a good job. For young people it is important to know which areas offer more chances of getting a job especially in this time of total crisis. I am attending the faculty of maths and computer science. At the end of my degree, I want to continue studying, for a doctorate in maths. I would like to teach this subject or even to work in IT companies, but as things are at the moment in Italy it will be very difficult to make my dream come true so I think that I will probably have to leave my country and find a job abroad. I have never been away from my family, but the most important thing is to make my dream come true.

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