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We often talk about infinite universes, the existence of life form on other planets and the benefits that man can earn from this type of research.A preliminary observation about space exploration is that there is a strong influence of politics and mass media on communication and justification of this activity in front of the world population.The huge amount of money spent are very often reported as examples of mismanagement of public funds. Frequently we ask: “why so much money has to be spent on exploring space and not to solve the real problems of the population?”.The answer to this question is not easy and it deserves a complex and articulated reasoning.However there are also some benefits of space exploration. Space research is quite democratic because all its benefits haven't State borders. These benefits do not discriminate in any way, they span the human people and can help the poorest. Space exploration is a strong bond for all mankind. It allows to overcome the differences, struggles and wars, and it allows also to walk a common path of peace and progress. This is the greatest challenge of humanity: it is necessary to understand our origins and if we are alone or not in this journey through the universe. But there is a problem: political power prefers to make war to get wealth.In fact, politics can easily manipulate poor, ignorant and distracted people for its purposes.However, this political model is destined to fail in the long period.Governments, then, have to choose: they can continue on the road of self-destruction or they can adopt a good policy based on cooperation, justice and new space technology research to improve more and more the quality of life for all.

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