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Smart Phone is an evolution of a normal mobile phone with computing power, memory and connection much more advanced based on the Android Operating System.There are many advantages and disadvantages of smart phone today.Especially among teenagers it can be seen all the advantages and disadvantages.First of all smart phone allows you to feel closer to friends. Indeed many people can easily communicate by different apps such as whatsapp, facebook, twitter and so on at any time of the day. In this way, for instance, parents can always know where are their children.Another advantage of smart phone is that it is easier to organize daily activities and to research for school or University.Moreover, you can organize and send emails directly from your smart phone and you can use free messaging service. Smart Phone also has a GPS system that you can use to know the road routes. Finally, you can take high – resolution photos with the smart phone camera.On the other hand, the main disadvantage is that many people become dependent on smart phone. Many people,in fact, feel the need to check every five minutes if there are new messages. They often surf the Internet without a real purpose.This is a compulsive disorder and it can lead to alienation from reality. Especially many, because of this use of smart phone, neglect relationship with family and friends.Smart phone can generate negative feelings such as anxiety, anguish and worries. These problems can be solved by returning to traditional customs. It is necessary to make an effort to try to use a normal alarm to wake up, or check the time with a watch or listen to music with an MP3 player.Lastly, there are also many health risks that result from an excessive use of smart phone.

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