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The kitchen is my world, I have had a passion for cooking since I was little, I think that it started with “la prova del cuoco”, a famous Italian TV programme, it's a culinary competition or a talent show because the best chef wins. After I saw all the episodes I got the nice idea to try a few recipes.
My mum is a teacher, and this year she went on a school trip with her students for four days, they went to visit Ravenna in north Italy so I decided to cook for my father and my brother, and I was very happy about it because when my mum is at home she will not allow me to use the cooker , so I could only look at her recipes. Through a cooking programme on TV I wrote down a recipe of sweet and savoury crepes. For the recipe I needed to buy some flour, some eggs, some milk, water, salt and butter. At last I cooked something different for them and they were pleased and my father was proud of me, he said that I will be a good wife and a great mother. On the following days I cooked pasta, meat , fish and vegetables. I would like to cook more often to learn how to make different kinds of dishes.
Pasta, tomato and mozzarella. These ingredients are the treasure of the Campanian cusine. They are the ingredients of the pizza. It was invented by the people, that wanted a way too feed themselves cheaply. Pizza is an easy dish to prepare but at the same time rich and nourishing. Every city may add to pizza, mozzarella and tomato their specialities to give a more representative local connotation: in Trentino, for example, we find the pizza with bacon or sausage to, the pesto in Liguria and so on. The typical Neapolitan version includes the addition of salted anchovies. Tasty variation of the Neapolitan pizza is the calzone, where the pasta cooked in the oven contains a rich filling of mozzarella, ricotta, cheese, ham, parsley, basil and pepper.
A very popular and tasty food in Italy is country food, we use all kinds of vegetables. I'm lucky because I have a house in the country. We have our own vegetable garden and we eat what we grow: it is all organic In spring we grow many things such as: zucchini, lettuce, peas, spinach, broccoli, eggplants. My favourite is salad It is perfect together with grilled meat and some bread
Last Sunday while we were working in the garden a family stopped and asked us if they could buy some tomatoes, my father started laughing because they thought that we were farmers, so he just gave a few to them as a present.
During our break at school we usually get snacks from the vending machine , but I prefer bringing something from home. A good snack can be a slice of cake, a plum cake or muffins I usually prefer making some good plum cakes, because they aren't made with milk but with yogurt because milk gives me a stomach ache In this way I can get all the calcium necessary for my growth.
On the 10th August it's my cousin’s birthday and I'm going to make a surprise
for her. I think that I'll make a cake. Her favourite is the “millefoglie” but it's difficult to prepare, so I'll make profiteroles. I'll buy some custard and puffs and prepare melted chocolate. When I have everything ready I'll fill each puff with custard and at the end I’ll dip each puff in melted chocolate, and then Ill decorate them with cream.
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