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I think I have had a passion for motorbikes since I was a child, when I didn’t even realize it. I’m sure of this because, a few years ago, my mother gave me a photo album for my birthday where I found a photo of when I was about 3 on a tricycle with a crash helmet.
Then when I was fifteen on Sunday mornings, I looked at many older guys that met together in a square near my house. They loved riding on the mountains around my little town and I wanted to go with them.
Then , I lost all my doubts when I was at University because I met other guys with my same passion and we often talked about motogp or some adventures of others who had a motorbike.
I bought my first bike on the 28th February in a motorshop where a friend of mine used to work. I was so excited because, at last after many years, I had a motorbike and the first thing I had to do, was to find other people who shared my same passion. I could buy my motorbike only after I started to work because2my parents didn’t like the idea of me having one, as they consider motorbikes dangerous. I’m aware of the risks too but I couldn’t wait anymore.

I joined a motorbike club in Rome and every week-end, during the warm seasons, we used to ride around only for pleasure so to forget all our problems. We also organized a beautiful event where hundreds of bikers gathered. One of the purpose of this motorbike meeting was to focus on the respect of the highway code; in fact we named it C-ON-T-RO (Rome ON The ROad). I remember it was a rainy day but, in spite of the rain, more than4 three hundred motorcycles came and all together we rode /// the streets of Rome and then towards a farm holiday on the Matese mountains.My happiest memory on my motorbike was three years ago, the 17th on July 2009. I asked a girl I liked, to go to the Amalfi Coast for a ride to celebrate the end of her university exams. We spent all the night riding from a city to another and at the end, when we were in Positano, we decided
I like the Amalfi Coast very much and that night I couldn’t ask for more: a beautiful motorbike, a beautiful places and a beautiful woman.
Probably in the future I will live in Rome because my girlfriend works there, but I don’t know if I will have a garage for my motorbike and I’m afraid I will have to sell it.So, as the saying goes: “All roads lead to Rome” and I hope I will go3 there with my motorbike.
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